Ferry service updates: Red Hook’s is back, and Rockaway’s stays

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extralargeThe fast and inexpensive ferry service between Manhattan and Rockaway will stay for another six weeks. The service, key for Rockaway residents who’ve been sans subway since Sandy, will stay through Labor Day by Mayoral decree.

In other news: Free weekend ferry service between Red Hook, Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan has resumed as of this Saturday, May 25th. Get ready to enjoy lobster rolls, Key Lime pie, the amazing sunset views and all the other joys of Red Hook.

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance says of the Red Hook service

Enjoying the dining, nightlife, arts, and culture scene in Red Hook–not to mention basking in the neighborhood’s postcard-perfect views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor–will get a whole lot easier thanks to this new service from the NYC Economic Development Corporation. The Red Hook Summer Ferry will run on weekends between 10am and 9pm, departing every 25 minutes from Pier 11/Wall Street in Lower Manhattan and making two stops, one at a presently unused landing at the foot of Van Brunt Street and one at IKEA. The Van Brunt Street stop in particular is expected to draw visitors to the neighborhood’s small businesses, many of which are still struggling to recover from the damage wrought by Superstorm Sandy.

Along with government officials and waterfront advocates, Red Hook business owners are cheering the new service. “We learned that the East River can bring heartache, devastation and loss of business, but if the ferry lands at Van Brunt street this summer, the East River will also be responsible for bringing profits back to businesses and the assurance of survival and progress within this community,” said Triciann Botta, owner of Botta di Vino in Red Hook.


The City is paying for the Summer Red Hook Ferry, with a partner sponsorship from Fairway Market, and assistance by IKEA through the expansion of its existing service.

To further strengthen the City’s water transportation network, Red Hook Summer Ferry passengers can score a free transfer to northbound East River Ferry boats at Pier 11.


Images: DNAinfo and Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance