Open plans for your cycling summer

Summer has arrived! Soon enough, you'll be seeing blue. Thousands of blue bicycles.

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Summer has arrived! Soon enough, you’ll be seeing blue.

Citibikes are coming! Photo via

A brand-new fleet of nearly 10 thousand bicycles will populate New York’s streets in the coming months, and they will all need riders. We’ve already posted the DOT’s interactive map of 420 planned bike share stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Now it’s time to take another step closer to your future as a renter-rider.

The most recent project of OpenPlans, a non-profit focused on open government and better transportation, gives New Yorkers a sneak peak at our improved future lifestlyes as bicyclists. Using this map, you can plan your daily commute to work, a jaunt to the High Line, or a weekly cycle to the EBT-friendly greenmarket nearest you.

So far, the map works like this: you pick the start and end points, and drag the flags to change your route. currently provides a recommended pickup and drop-off site for your rented three-speeder, as well as the number of bicycles available at the start point and how many parking spaces you’ll find at the end of your journey. You can also change your route to determine quickest, safest, or flattest journey.

The quickest route: a screengrab from

According to a recent post by OpenPlans’ Frank Hebbert, will let you know if bikes are available before recommending a route to you once the bikeshare program is in full operation.

In the mean time, you can share comments or suggestions for @OpenPlans.

Here’s to the future: an open-sourced, collaboratively-planned, bicycle-positive New York.