Locating the Sacred: a new Asian American arts festival

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The Locating the Sacred Festival is a series of New York City events that showcase a range of Asian American artists, from dancers and musicians to writers and thinkers, who use art to explore what constitutes the sacred with goals of bringing communities together. The festival invites all New Yorkers to explore self and city by celebrating the diverse ways that art and community can inspire and are inspired by the sacred.

The program begins on Wednesday, September 12 and concludes on Sunday, September 23, and will be held at various locations throughout the five boroughs. The festival is a testament to the richness of New York City while also an opportunity to step away from its complexities and pace to enjoy a moment of creative reflection.

Organized by the Asian American Arts Alliance, which has a 30-year-old history of providing a respectful and nurturing space for Asian American artists, Locating the Sacred Festival is in its second year. Though young, it shows great potential to generate a sustainable mediation of what remains sacred in the ever-dynamic and ever-diverse lives of New York City.

For more information, see locatingthesacred.org