Seasonal Produce

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The state of New York is known for its short season for growing fruits and vegetables. These past few months have been especially brutal in New York City as snow boots and puffy jackets have become a daily necessity. It’s easy to wonder how any type of produce is able to grow in this frigid NYC winter.


Luckily enough, New York does have resilient seasonal produce that will likely be seen in any market, depending on the month. Not only can buying local produce that’s in season allow you to practice your sustainability skills, it can also save you money and guarantee that your food is fresh.

Although some farmer do take a break during the winter season, others resort to different methods of growing to combat the harsh conditions.  Bodhitree Farm in Pemberton Township, New Jersey will focus their efforts on indoor production of greens, which are consider more readily available crops, either through hydroponic methods or directly planting into the soil. Some farmers personally prefer the flavor of vegetables grown in the Earth despite the less-perfect look however, both methods results in exceptional product.

A quick and easy way to start your seasonal produce journey is to check out websites like Foodstalk and Whatisfresh. Showing which fruits and vegetables are in season within a 200 mile radius of New York City, Foodstalk can be your personal guide to local food. While Foodstalk can tell you what is available, Whatisfresh can tell you where to get it, as well general information about the supplying farm.

If you want a more hands-on approach in your produce-buying experience, The Union Square Green Market showcases local farmers who are more than happy to divulge the ins and outs of the goods they sell. Cooking demonstration highlighting what’s in season are also conducted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the information tent.

Happy eating!