Sounds of the City

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The constant noise of New York City – how does it affect us? stillspotting nyc, a project of the Guggenheim Museum, is addressing this question. For two years, stillspotting nyc has been exploring all the five boroughs and identifying and creating “stillspots” in the form of public tours, events, and installations.

The goal of stillspotting is to raise our consciousness of the space we occupy and help us gain a sense of peace and harmony with our space among its noises. On October 9, stillspotting nyc will be hosting a finale event at the Guggenheim Museum to present the project’s aims and discoveries. In addition to familiarizing the participants with the philosophy behind “stillspots”, this finale will initiate a “larger conversation about how man-made environments can be reconceived, reshaped, and redesigned to provide increased opportunities for calm and stillness.” The finale will include engaging and thoughtful reflections by many artists, philosophers, architects, scientists, and musicians on topics of noise, language and stillness. You can view the program and buy tickets here. Tickets are only $10, $7 for members, and $5 for students.

If you’d like to take part in the project, stillspotting nyc is conducting its fifth and final analysis of New York City’s noise environment in the Bronx on October 13th and 14th. You can participate by attending the Audiogram Hearing Screening, Family Day, or the Bike Tour. For more info on these events, visit

Photo: stillspotting