The big green hackathon

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“Reinvent Green Hackathon” sounds like something out of a science fiction film— but it happened here in the city just two weeks ago. The Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability joined with the group NYC Digital to host a hackathon of over one hundred tech wizards and creative types.

These designers collectively put in over 1,000 pro bono hours to conceptualize and create apps that will help New Yorkers live smarter, greener lives. Thirteen teams competed for prizes awarded by a panel of judges, all leaders in fields relating to sustainability and urbanism. The projects ranged from recycling apps to transit aids, and all were truly exceptional, demonstrating participants’ commitment to creating powerful mechanisms of change.

Five prizes were presented by the judges, but the jury’s still out on a sixth prize: Popular Choice, to be decided by the public. Voting is open until July 15th, so be sure to vote here; and check out the other winning apps on the New York City website, all coming soon to an iTunes near you.


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