A brief tour of Melrose Commons, first LEED certified neighborhood in NYC

Follow writer Yves Lankouande on a walking tour of NYC's first LEED certified neighborhood.

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Melrose Commons, located in the South Bronx, was awarded and recognized as the first LEED certified neighborhood in New York City two years ago. Given that the area had qualified for such an impressive achievement, I was inspired to take a quick tour to the neighborhood.

If you live in or pass by this neighborhood, which is anchored around Melrose Avenue and East 161st Street, the first thing that you will notice is how easily accessible it is. The neighborhood sits within ½ mile of 2 subway stations and is crossed by different bus lines. This, in fact, is one requirement to get a credit for the LEED certification. The dense transportation system provides all kinds of accommodations and basic services, meaning that you will always find what you are looking for nearby.

The neighborhood is also home to many small community gardens which are conveniently located throughout the area. In turn, they provide locations for events, educational programs and community activities in the neighborhood. Such features have a positive impact on the interactions between inhabitants who live there.