What would you paint with grass?

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(Image via red dot)


Talk about painting the town green…Grass Paint won a red dot design concept award.  “Grass Paint is an eco-friendly grass-seeding tool that makes it possible to plant seeds anywhere – even on brick walls or asphalt roads,” according to red dot.  It works like a paint and even has a roller applicator.  The roller releases seeds in the tray where the seeds are mixed with pulp, plant nutrients and CMS non-toxic glue. When applied with the Grass Paint roller, the mixture will stick to a surface and begin to grow.  The staying power of grass on a variety of surfaces may be debatable – regardless, it’s a refreshing spring idea.

Designed by: Prof. Bae Sangmin, Oh Joohyeon, Won Boram, Lee Hyunjung, Kim Hyejin and Kim Jiwon of KAIST and ID+IM Design Lab.

via red dot