Live global bike share map

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As you see blue Citi Bikes dashing around the city, or as you listen to Dorothy Rabinowitz’s diatribe against bike share and face palm it, you may be curious about other bike shares around the globe. Did you know that Mexico City has one of the busiest bike share programs in the world? Or that Nashville and Chattanooga both have bike shares?

Oliver O’Brien, a researcher with the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the University College London, has created a map showing real-time data on bike share systems around the globe.

There are currently 85 systems mapped, which equates to approximately 210,000 docks and 95,000 bikes. The map tracks the number of bikes checked out and in docks to show the number being used. The blue dots have fewer bikes in use than the red dots, and the larger dots show a greater number of docks.

Here is the Citi Bike traffic at 1:04 pm on Monday, June 17:

bike share map

This is all the bike docks in Manhattan and Brooklyn as of 1:10 pm today as well. The blue circles ringed in turquoise represent empty stations and the red circles ringed in yellow are full stations. As of this map there were two full and ten empty stations.

bike share 2

Be sure to watch the animations to see the changes throughout the day, and read more at Atlantic Cities.