Yet Another Social Network… This Time For Your Building

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We all know of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace — these online social networking sites have become commonplace in our everyday lives, connecting us to friends, colleagues, businesses, and organizations in an easy and effective way. As of this morning, another social networking site has joined the group, this time focusing entirely on the built environment.

Honest Buildings launched this morning, allowing you to “see what’s happening inside buildings and connect with people who live, work and spend time there.”

Forbes calls it a “Yelp and LinkedIn for Greener Buildings” — a site where people can connect to the buildings they spend time in, and compare their building’s ratings, reviews, and data to any other. According to Honest Buildings, “Building service providers, vendors, non-profits, trade associations and other organizations can create profiles to showcase their portfolio of projects, highlight their accomplishments, and network with colleagues and prospective clients. ”

The site is totally free and open to everyone. Check it out and see if your building has a profile…yet.



Screenshot of Honest Buildings