Here’s what New York will look like in ten years

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A newly rising economy is also raising new buildings in New York. SkyscraperPage Forum user sbarn has taken renderings from the most prominent towers proposed or already under construction in Manhattan, from architects like Kohn Pedersen and Fox or Rafael Vinoly, and fit them into the current skyline to depict the skyline as it might appear in 2020. 

new york 2020

The New York skyline as it appears today, taken by Flickr user mattron.

new york 2012


skyline data

The new skyline will create new peaks across Manhattan including 432 Park Avenue, which at nearly 1,400 feet will be the tallest residential building in the city. A New York Magazine article details the story behind the height for the new super structures. Floors are now fourteen and half feet apart to accommodate better heating and cooling sytstems, as well as to provide higher ceilings. This means the 89 stories in 432 Park Avenue will be much higher than an 89-floor building built last century.

If the trend towards purchased-but-unoccupied luxury residences continues, it’s possible there won’t be as many lights on in the upper floors as seen here.

Photo: Mattron (original image), sbarn


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