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Using Data to Disrupt Business as Usual

Big Data and Sustainability Business Stepping Up– The Lovins Series As President Trump pursues a regressive, isolationist agenda, business is stepping up to address climate…

Green Business Summit on Sustainable Food

A panel on how food supply can adapt to growing global demand and environmental pressures featuring panelists from Whole Foods, Chipotle, and more. Keynote speech on “Beyond Meat.” Food and drink reception afterward.

Food For Thought

In a world that continues to struggle with agricultural challenges to support the global population, developing sustainable solutions for crop production, agricultural resource use, access to food, and food waste is critical.

Come hear from the New York Area Sustainability Group’s expert speakers as they point out problems in our food system, and discuss the changes that need to take place to solve these issues.

Sustainability and the Startup

This event will feature four perspectives from leaders in this space, on what it’s like being at a startup in the sustainability community, where they see opportunities and challenges, and how they see this community helping to advance sustainability goals.

Choices Conference: How Everyday Decisions Can Make a Lasting Impact Day 1

Interested in sustainable business strategies in New York City?

Join the Sustainable Cities Club of The New School and business leaders of Wyndham hotels, Jones Lang Lasalle, Telepan restaurant and Helpsy fashion to discuss where New York City stands as a sustainable city, what opportunities exist to fill a market demand and how we form municipal policies to increase the City’s sustainability and resiliency.

Be Social Change Class: Intro to Social Entrepreneurship

Join Marcos Salazar, co-founder and Executive Director of Be Social Change for a class about the latest social entrepreneurship research, as well a how to define and clarify what social entrepreneurship means, how it is practiced, and what you can do to participate within this movement.

The business case for fast action on climate

This morning the Risky Business project released, “A Climate Risk Assessment For the United States.” The group formed to evaluate the economic risks of climate change in the United States and found that they are both immediate and immense.