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V. Ramanathan’s Lecture “Climate Change Morphing Into an Existential Threat”

Veerabhadran Ramanathan of Scripps Institute University of California San Diego Speaking at Creighton University, February 21, 2018 [see full video here] Introductory remarks by Professor…

Who is Responsible for Climate Change? Implications for United Nations Talks, Shareholders, and Liability.

The question of responsibility for climate change lies at the heart of societal debate over actions to address it. This symposium explores the conceptual territory of climate responsibility, and scientific, legal, ethical and policy bases for assigning responsibility to countries and to other entities – from individuals to emitting industries to the fossil fuel companies at the base of the carbon supply chain whose responsibilities are now being actively debated in shareholder resolutions and calls for institutional divestment.

Towards a Post Carbon New York City

Part of the Fall series, ICP Talks: Climate Change, in this lecture “panelists explore city-level efforts to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption, adapt to climate change, and ensure infrastructure resiliency.”