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Digital and Environmental Justice in the Era of Climate Change

As global institutions like the United Nations are turning their attention to human rights and climate change, local groups have been fostering the links between natural environments and digital environments for more than a decade.

KEEN + Wild & Scenic Present: Live Monumental in New York City

The KEEN + Wild & Scenic Live Monumental Film Tour is a collaborative effort to bring the best films about the places we love and play to communities around the country. Each stop will feature one hour of engaging and inspiring short films, ending with Live Monumental.

The Irresistible Resistance: Earth Week 2016

In celebration of Earth Week at The New School, the Tishman Environment and Design Center is drawing inspiration from the growing unification of movements for climate justice, the deepening of transnational solidarity movements across the globe and the creative expressions of people and communities determined to achieve solutions to the climate crisis on their own terms.