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NYC Outdoors! An Environmental Education Expo

The NYC Outdoors! Expo is public event showcasing environmental education resources in New York City.
Who should attend? Participants will meet more than 40 environmental education organizations

Wiggle Your Way Into Composting

Learn how worms work their magic, converting kitchen scraps into a rich organic fertilizer, and reducing our carbon footprints.

Composting With Worms: Indoor Vermicomposting Demystified at the Brooklyn Brainery

Composting can seem too hard for the average citizen, but in this class, you’ll learn how easy it can be. We’ll talk through the basics of indoor vermicomposting (composting with worms) and how you can do your part to reduce your food waste.

Each participant will construct a bin, fill it with bedding, add some red wiggler worms, and watch them go to work!

GreenThumb Workshop: Community Composting Operations – Scaling Up

Join Earth Matter/NYC Compost Project and GreenThumb as they tour the Earth Matter composting system on Governor’s Island and learn advanced composting techniques, such as forced aeration and browns recipe from fellow gardeners and compost experts.