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Alice Larkin

“One of my main areas that I’ve focused on for years is just the kind of timeframe to change to make the changes and how that needs to be really rapid. You can’t just rely on huge infrastructure projects because they take ages.”

City-scale climate education for Paris

Julien Dossier of the consulting firm Quattrolibri, Raphael Menard of the engineering firm Elioth, and their supporting team are authors of the 2017 sustainability plan…

City-scale climate education for NYC

The top 10% by income – in New York, about 860,000 people – can begin to contribute answers. We need a war effort, and New Yorkers can lead it.

V. Ramanathan’s Lecture “Climate Change Morphing Into an Existential Threat”

Veerabhadran Ramanathan of Scripps Institute University of California San Diego Speaking at Creighton University, February 21, 2018 [see full video here] Introductory remarks by Professor…

The conscience of a graphic novelist

Given the imperative of fast action on climate, 2018 must be a year that prioritizes decisions rather than simply adds more detail to a story…

Bicycling around a warming globe

Part epic journey, part field research: David Kroodsma and Lindsey Fransen bicycled across Asia researching climate. It turns out that low carbon travel is possible with time and strong legs, and probably a much better way to see things.

Joel Towers

“We’re educating students who will go out into the world and have 60 years or more of productive and engaged life. What is the world going to be like 60 years from now?”

Talking affordable housing with CUP

At Talking Transitions, workshop toolkit designers from The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) educate New Yorkers on the complexities and variations of affordable housing in New York City.

The President visits P-TECH

Amidst the con­tin­ued tur­bu­lence of his sec­ond term, Pres­i­dent Obama will arrive in Brook­lyn today to visit P-TECH, the inno­v­a­tive high school that counts IBM, CUNY and the city as part­ners. P-TECH was pro­filed in City Atlas, soon after open­ing.