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Pete Seeger: Sailing the Hudson in the name of activism

Pete Seeger launched the sloop Clearwater in 1969 to clean up the Hudson River. Join him and the rest of his crew as they help create the next generation of environmental leaders to preserve and protect our earth.

Mariellé Anzelone

There are few places in Amer­ica where you can you lose your­self in a shaded for­est, take a twenty-minute break to enjoy empanadas at a Mex­i­can bodega, and then return to the wilder­ness to fin­ish your hike. That’s what we did with ecol­o­gist Mariellé Anzelone…

Field Day

Sunflower, Indian Mustard and Basket Willow have been growing at La Finca for a while now, but last night we finally installed the infographics that…