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The Great Subway Race of 1967

THE GREAT SUBWAY RACE OF 1967 See a 5-minute preview video here: Fifty years ago this month an M.I.T. computer whiz kid named Peter…

L Train Shutdown Charette As neighborhoods along the L train brace for an interruption in service of unprecedented scale, this fast-paced competition asks interdisciplinary teams to propose implementable…

Tour Fulton Center Station

Walk with Projjal Dutta, Director of Sustainability Initiatives at the MTA, from the shuttered South Ferry station to Fulton Center station, a gleaming new transit center for downtown New York.

New safety feature could soon improve your commute

The goal of any public transit administration is to increase ridership without jeopardizing safety and efficiency. The question is whether the installation of these doors will improve this….and the overall outlook for the MTA.

Projjal Dutta

“New York is livable–it is more than livable, it’s wonderful — because of density. And not just the density of people, but I think the density of opportunity.”