Fix it, give it, rethink it: newest Greenmap for NYC


New York City has been adapt­ing, inno­vat­ing, or neglect­ing its waste stream across four cen­turies of set­tle­ment and growth. Long­time car­tog­ra­phers of the city, globe, and envi­ron­ment Green­maps have com­bined some of the his­to­ry, and where we stand now, into one resource: a map for New York­ers who want to con­sume and waste less. Which is handy, as research seems to show that you get a bet­ter return on dif­fer­ent uses of mon­ey.

The pdf of the “Less is More” map for New York­ers, which should be down­load­ed to see in rich full detail, is designed by fel­low City Atlas con­trib­u­tor Aaron Reiss, with research help from Alex Pur­dy. Fund­ing for the print­ed ver­sion pro­vid­ed by Con Edis­on. Among the high­lights: our thrifty may­or has gone through three terms in office with only two pairs of shoes.

To find the print­ed map in local stores fol­low Less=More Green Map of NYC on Face­book.

A par­al­lel tagged Google map with icons for waste and recy­cling resources is here.