Fix it, give it, rethink it: newest Greenmap for NYC

Greenmaps releases a lovely "fix it, give it, rethink it" map for a better New York City.

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New York City has been adapting, innovating, or neglecting its waste stream across four centuries of settlement and growth. Longtime cartographers of the city, globe, and environment Greenmaps have combined some of the history, and where we stand now, into one resource: a map for New Yorkers who want to consume and waste less. Which is handy, as research seems to show that you get a better return on different uses of money.

The pdf of the “Less is More” map for New Yorkers, which should be downloaded to see in rich full detail, is designed by fellow City Atlas contributor Aaron Reiss, with research help from Alex Purdy. Funding for the printed version provided by Con Edison. Among the highlights: our thrifty mayor has gone through three terms in office with only two pairs of shoes.

To find the printed map in local stores follow Less=More Green Map of NYC on Facebook.

A parallel tagged Google map with icons for waste and recycling resources is here.