P.S. 41 develops a new green roof curriculum

The green roof at P.S. 41; click to enlarge. (Photo: Jessica Bruah)

Schools often have large, flat roofs and so are good fits for planting. This is the green roof at P.S. 41; click to enlarge. (Photo: Jessica Bruah)

P.S. 41 Greenwich Village School has already pioneered the introduction of green roofs into the Manhattan educational scene, not only installing its own green roof (with intrinsic environmental benefits like providing insulation and reducing electricity use), but transforming that space into a valuable learning environment. The Greenroof Environmental Literacy Laboratory (GELL) provides a unique outdoor space for city-bound children to observe, learn, and interact with a natural setting while simultaneously facilitating hands-on learning in a variety of disciplines.  (See our previous coverage of the innovative roof at P.S. 41 here.)

P.S. 41 has now partnered with MS 422-Carroll Gardens School for Innovation and The Bronx Academy of Design and Construction to spread their educational innovation to schools everywhere by publishing a first-of-its-kind K-12 Green Roof Curriculum Guide. This guide will offer a curriculum that connects a green roof to existing NYC Education Standards, Common Core, and STEM. In addition, it will offer ways that a green roof can help schools fundraise and build community.

The partner schools have kicked off an Indiegogo Campaign to help them raise the $12,750 needed to share the lesson plans with all schools in an e-book form. To learn more and possibly donate to this innovative pedagogy click here. And you can watch a video about the project below: