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Photo: Yale students play eight simultaneous games of Energetic in a tournament, November 15, 2019

“I kept thinking, ‘Oh, they thought of that? Wow, they thought of that!’” Sam Arons, Sustainability Director of Lyft, quoted in Grist 3/17/20

This page provides an ongoing index of links to supporting content for Energetic, the board game.

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Play Energetic Online with Tabletop Simulator: for information contact richard@thecityatlas.org

Game Materials:

Energetic Brochure

Energetic Instruction Booklet

Energetic Educator’s Guide, work-in-progress

Energetic Journalist’s Notebook

Energetic Journalist’s Notebook Google spreadsheet

Energetic Board Game Video Tutorial

Energetic Online Game Video Tutorial

Energetic Deck

About Energetic

The game credits and the original 70+ sources for Energetic are at the foot of this post.

New sources and discussions of interest:

February, 2023:

In the four years since we developed Energetic, several dynamics and events in the game have later materialized in the real world, including: Macron’s use of a citizens’ assembly (public deliberation) in France to defuse the tension over a carbon tax (or fuel tax); a proposed, and defeated, attempt to build a pumped hydro installation on the Ashokan Reservoir in the Catskills (roughly where the space is on the board); Ronald Lauder’s attempt to block the construction of wind turbines off of Long Island, through funding Governor Hochul’s electoral opponent.