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Claire Weisz

“…Our cities all over the country–from Detroit to New Orleans–present the best opportunity for lowering our carbon footprint…”

Free kayaking in the city

From mid-May to mid-October, the Hudson River Greenway’s Downtown Boathouse (located at Pier 96 and Pier 40) offers short escapes from the hustle and bustle in the form of free kayaking sessions.

Projjal Dutta

“New York is livable–it is more than livable, it’s wonderful — because of density. And not just the density of people, but I think the density of opportunity.”

Dong-Ping Wong

“Plus Pool is a floating pool in the river for everyone. The most important aspect of the design is that it filters river water through the pool’s walls.”

Milton Puryear

“All the way from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge there were, for a hundred years, only four places where a private citizen could get to the water.”