Summer Streets wraps up the 2012 season with some Double Dutch action

For three Saturdays in August, the city opened lengths of Park Avenue and other normally busy thoroughfares for people and bikes. And salsa, tai chi, double-dutch and ziplines.

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The NYC DOT program Summer Streets wrapped up its last morning of open street activity on Saturday, August 18th. The program is modeled on other events that take place around the world, including Ciclovía in Bogotá, Colombia.

In NYC the initiative opens up nearly seven miles of street space for New Yorkers to play, climb, walk, bike, jump and dance. And this year, to ride a zipline.



Or learn salsa in the middle of Park Avenue.

Or watch an amazing demonstration of Double Dutch jump-roping. Double Dutch is rumored to have come to North America via the original Dutch settlers of New York (the former Neue Amsterdam), but no matter whether it started in 1620 or 1900, it’s New York streetlife to the bones.

Photos: Maureen Drennan