Meet July’s New York Tech Meetup stars

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Presenters from Dispatch (Photo by Kathy Zhang)

This month’s New York Tech Meetup (NYTM) featured eclectic startups in the fields of news, events, healthy eating, locksmithing, project management, and coding.

NYTM is held monthly at the NYU Skirball Center for Performing Arts. Founded in 2004, it has played a key role in the development of Silicon Alley and establishing New York as a major technology hub. The meetup is the largest stage for tech startups in the City to present new products and platforms to the public.

The first presenter was KeyMe, a company that is radically simplifying the key-replacement process. The KeyMe kiosk (shaped like an ATM), is able to copy and save a record of your key on the cloud. Using only a fingerprint, the kiosk is able to instantly make a replica of your original key. This kiosks are already in stores in the City, and may soon appear throughout the US. Though concerns about hackers and “Uncle Sam” surfaced during the presentation, the KeyMe team assured the audience that key records are only linked to fingerprints, not personal data.

Many presenting groups were platforms of discovery for NYC and beyond. AHAlife is a website devoted to connecting people to products, brands, museums, and people from around the world. HealthyOut is an app that lets people create a healthy food plan by simply providing your dietary preferences and restrictions (with an implemented delivery system). An independent team from the New York Times redesigned the TimesMachine, a database of their past newspapers.

Startup founders taking audience questions (Photo by Kathy Zhang)

Other presenters included:





Web Explorer

Bayesian Methods for Hackers



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