East River dolphin, met by canoe

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While the St. Patrick’s Day parade rolled up Fifth Avenue on Saturday, a scene unfolded in the East River that might have been more common in the eighteenth century: canoeists met a dolphin in a gentle snowfall.

T Willis Elkins shot the footage on Saturday: “I paddled out with fellow members of the North Brooklyn Boat Club in snowy and foggy conditions to try and find the recently sighted dolphin in the East River. And we did! All footage filmed from a canoe near the shores of Greenpoint. Thanks to Fung Lim (bow paddler seen here).” h/t Nathan Storey

As reported in Gothamist and observed by the boaters, there are two dolphins swimming in the East River,  and they seem uninjured, healthy and active. And suggestions for names may be made here.

386176_487330667993083_290431941_n Photos: T Willis Elkins, 


Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research