Frack me not

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The issue of hydrofracking – a laborious process of extracting natural gas from deep wells through pressurized water injection – has come to the forefront of political debate in New York. Contributing to the debate is Josh Fox, director of the 2010 documentary, Gasland and 2012’s The Sky is Pink, a short film that addresses the urgent issue of hydrofracking in New York state.

The Sky is Pink release coincided with news of Governor Cuomo’s plans to allow fracking in five counties in the southern tier of New York State, although he has yet to announce a final decision publicly. Such a move could affect the the unfiltered, untreated water supply in NYC and thus pose innumerable health risks for the 8.2 million residents. The documentary informs viewers about the health and environmental costs of drilling and fracking. Fox is currently working on Gasland 2, which will be released before the 2012 election. Like many energy questions, fracking will certainly be an issue in the 2012 electoral campaigns, including Governor Cuomo’s.

Click here to watch The Sky Is Pink. Gasland is also available through  streaming on Netflix.

For more information about hydrofracking, check out the organizations like: Shale ShockNo Fracking WayNew Yorkers Against Fracking and Artists Against Fracking.

Image: NJ Discover