Fracking Hearings from Trenton to Binghamton

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There really is no shortage of protest this week. And while OWS has certainly gained much of the (deserved) attention, there are a few other issues equally as important–and somewhat related of course. Public hearings on hydro-fracking have begun and as WNYC reports,the events have been lively, but peaceful. There has been a mix of voices on the issue, but a heavy majority speaking out against the practice, with about 80% of the speakers against it. Those speaking in favor of the practice got booed.


Simultaneously, further south, the hearing that was meant to happen today in Trenton on natural gas exploration in the Delaware River Basin was postponed, “to allow additional time for review by the five commission members.”  Advocates are calling this postponement a victory as there has been a tremendous amount of organizing around the issue. But statements of victory make me uneasy. Kind of like that decision that our president made to postpone the Keystone Pipeline verdict. Call me crazy, but this makes me even more curious as to what conversations are happening behind closed doors.

In the mean time, back here in NY, there are plenty of groups that can provide you with resources and information on the situation before us. I am not posting links to guides funded by industry groups. And I have yet to find one that was made my an “objective” media outlet. Please share if you have one. You can check out the Department of Environmental Conservation’s website for information about hearings.  You can read about research on Pennsylvania’s experience with fracking–actual quote: “I saw a homeowner light his water on fire.” And if you’d prefer to watch things rather than read things, check out the film Gasland.