Crowd Source Your Commute

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Listening to WINS 1010 and hitting “show traffic” on Google Maps is so passé.  We hope that your car use is minimal overall. But when you are on four wheels,  wouldn’t it be nice to have a network of people before you who can tell you what things are looking like out there?

Enter WAZE — a new app that goes beyond algorithms and robots to give you information about your best potential path from A to B. It includes real time user content to create a dynamic traffic report and adjusts routes accordingly. This smart gadget will automatically enter information to the database once you turn it on so that your fellow drivers can benefit from your experience. This is a nice way of saying they might just be able to avoid the traffic you have driven into! You are taking one for the team. But then that driver also helps the next one…and so on and so forth. Users can also input information manually, giving more details on what might have causes delays and how things are looking.

Check out more information about WAZE below. And then lets think of how that technology can be applied to mass transit or other methods of moving people around. WAZE is cool. But it’s an app to help us deal with a pesky symptom to that larger disease…

Crowdsourcing Your CommuteNobody knows how bad traffic is better than the person stuck in traffic. Channeling that driver's misery into another's gain is the theory behond Waze, a free navigation app that just might be the best of its kind.