A global movement forms to facilitate sharing

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On the heels of the UN climate talks in Doha, facing a challenge beautifully summarized in this graphic by David McCandless, it is easy to feel the emphasis on ‘doing less’ in order to emit less CO2. The idea of ‘less’ is especially compelling in the Western half of the world, where fully developed industrial economies have produced the lion’s share of CO2 now scrambling the weather.

At the same time, a movement of inventive thinkers are developing the means to do ‘more’ in life, and do it more efficiently. Make more connections, be more productive, get better results, and do it in a framework that can enrich the future for succeeding generations. The key efficient step is sharing and collaboration, and tonight at the WNYC Jerome L. Greene space, cleanecnyc.org is hosting a talk on collaborative consumption, to discuss just that. The panel includes speakers from future-oriented businesses Krrb, Weeels, Bright Farms, and SolarCity. The moderator is Brian Merchant, editor of the VICE spin-off Motherboard, and the hosts are Solar One and NYU-Poly. The panel starts at 7 PM, doors open at 6:30, tickets are $25 online here, with some available at the door. The talk will also be livestreamed.

Other notable sharing initiatives include the New York arts-oriented barter network OurGoods.org, and their growing barter-for-learning project Trade School, an idea now spreading to more than a dozen cities around the world.

Which means you get to hear the Trade School concept explained with a charming Glaswegian accent, in this video: