Gone fishin’: Hunts Point Landing Park now open to everyone

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What better way to spend the day than to go fishing, kayaking, or have lunch while enjoying nature at Hunts Point Landing Park. Located in the Bronx, the park had its official opening to the public on Monday, September 24th. The new park includes a fishing dock, as well as a kayak launch and 1.5 acres of the waterfront. The park also includes a restored shoreline that features tidal pools, used to absorb storm water runoff. Hunts Point Landing holds a piece of history with remnants of the Willis Avenue Bridge. The park project was made possible by organizations such as Sustainable South Bronx and the South Bronx Greenway; whose goal is to provide sustainability to the waterfront and the community in the Hunts Point peninsula.

The Economic Development Corporation has further plans to expand Hunts Point Landing Park by bringing in food vendors and (currently in the works) a new rooftop farm. This new rooftop will measure 200,000 square feet, giving it the potential to become one of the largest rooftop farms in the world.

The borough of the Bronx transformed Hunts Point Landing from a dead end street to a park that can be enjoyed by residents, workers, and the rest of the public. By reclaiming a forgotten public space, they have taken a major step in the right direction both for the community and for the environment.

To find more information on the various recreational activities provided by Hunts Point Landing park, visit nycgovparks.org.

Photos: NYCEDC and NY1