Slow Food in a Fast Paced World

Slow Food NYC combats fast food culture with education, outreach and fun.

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Slow Food NYC, part of the larger Slow Food organization, is on a mission to counteract the fast food culture that has blossomed in America.  Through education, outreach and “Snails of Approval,” Slow Food NYC is attempting to bring the local taste—and local ingredients—back into the food of the five boroughs.


Be a co-producer

Slow Food’s Urban Harvest in Schools program sends volunteers into local schools to educate students about healthy and sustainable eating practices, while simultaneously introducing them to the great taste of urban culture.  Their Urban Harvest Gardens initiative invites neighborhood kids to help plant and harvest herbs and vegetables during the summer growing season, then gives them a chance to turn the ingredients into a communal meal.  Both programs hope to instill in the kids a desire to find a “good, clean, and fair food system” for which the organization strives.


About Us

SFNYC recognizes food providers throughout the Greater New York City area who match their criteria for Quality, Authenticity and Sustainability, with their coveted “Snail of Approval.”  This means that their food is healthy and delicious; it’s local, seasonal and organic; and it is grown and prepared in ways that respect and protect the environment.   The group hosts gatherings (called “The Slur”) at one of these establishments twice a month, where you can meet and socialize with the leaders and members of the organization. They try to spread Slur events over the five boroughs, so keep an eye out on their events page for the next gathering.