How to Build a Dream Garden in Any Apartment

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A lush garden, full of fruits and vegetables, grown on sunlight and nutrients.  Most New York City residents have given up on this glorious idea, and have instead turned to their local market to provide them with fresh produce.  Britta Riley, New York City dweller, was tired of this forced cop-out, and was determined to find a solution that would allow her to grow her own food.  Her solution? The Windowfarm.

Living in a small apartment does not leave much room for dirt and gardening tools.  Adjusting to these limits, Britta and friends developed a system of window plants that survive off a nutrient and water mixture—no soil needed.  This “Windowfarm” is “a vertical, hydroponic growing system that allows for year-round growing in almost any window. It lets plants use natural window light, the climate control of your living space, and organic “liquid soil.”   Using a network of DIY-ers, the team is constantly changing the design and moving toward a perfected system.

They’ve opened the design process up to the public, and invited everyone to build the system, and make any changes they think would improve the concept.  The team has also built some models, which you can buy off their website to help fund the project.  To learn more about the project, or buy a unit (or make your own!) visit their website Here.

Britta talks about the project in her interview with City Atlas, and in this TedTalk video: