Want A Fun Way to Get Some Outdoor Exercise?

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Now that the weather is so nice most people are slowly emerging from winter hibernation mode and getting back outdoors, both for exercise and neighborhood strolls. Why not combine the two? A growing trend is for people to take running tours of their favorite cities. A quick Google search of running tours will bring up a list of companies, the services they offer, and the cities in which they operate. The biggest seems to be City Running Tours which operates in ten major cities in the US, including New York. While not cheap, the services seem to be very flexible, enabling customers to choose where to meet, the distance of the run, the pace of the run, and what sites to see along the way. Your urban pathfinder then provides a running commentary on what’s around you.

For those who find themselves in a new city and want to combine some sight seeing with a good cardio workout, or if you just want a different perspective on the city you live, in it sounds like a great time. And for those social runners out there it’s a great way to meet new people whose interests you share. Either way, those winter lbs aren’t going shed themselves. Why not make it as fun as you can.