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The Green New Deal is the real deal

Like the original New Deal, the Green New Deal is extremely wide-ranging. It addresses agriculture, energy, transportation, economic security, the environment, and the entire social sphere besides.

Teaching low-carbon living

Law professor Karl Coplan reached the Pacific in June, 2019, after riding his bike from the East Coast. And now he’s written a book about how to live extremely well, and on a tiny footprint.

March Forum: Sustainable Policy 201

The Policy 201 forum will engage students, professionals and interested citizens from across the sustainable spectrum in order to gain a deeper understanding of the…

The Steely City

The next Urban Salon will focus on resiliency, both in the material sense and in the social sense. We will explore models of the “future New York” in the face of climate change and (other yet to occur crises) and the lived experience of past events, most memorably and recently, Hurricane Sandy.

How have New Yorkers stood up in times when resilience is required? How can you plan for community response for future events? How can New York continue to grow in an equitable and sustainable way? How do we see issues of equity surface at moments such as Hurricane Sandy and in the government’s response?

Given the recent election and the uncertainty around federal support for urban infrastructure projects, how can and should New York plan for the future?

The panel will be held in Package Free Shop, a recently opened mecca for living zero-waste.

Tour Fulton Center Station

Walk with Projjal Dutta, Director of Sustainability Initiatives at the MTA, from the shuttered South Ferry station to Fulton Center station, a gleaming new transit center for downtown New York.

A local guide to FringeNYC

With shows from over 200 companies appearing at FringeNYC, the program guide may feel intimidating. Here, we suggest a few shows that are relevant to what we care about at City Atlas: New York and its future.