Millennials choose computers and phones over cars

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According to the latest survey published by Zipcar, millennials are more likely to give up their cars than their cell phones and computers. The results, based on a nationwide survey of 1,015 adults, show that millennials are the only generation to value their technology more highly than their automobiles.

Do younger people value phones and computers more highly because of the global increase in city living? Does this data represent a shift in personal identity from car-centrism to tech-centrism for U.S. millenials?

We do rely more on our computers and phones to stay connected than ever before. Allegedly, according to IBM, 40 percent of people go online through a mobile device before they get out of bed in the morning.

Younger people may not rely on cars to move their families around, but perhaps their priorities will shift as they get older. This 2011 Atlantic Cities article, for example, asks whether millenials will stay in cities as they age.

Or does the Zipcar survey reveal a conscious step toward a greener world as a new generation constructs lives based around a smaller carbon footprint?

Image: Zipcar