Energetic teachers and students

Students at Hunter College High School in Manhattan work together to build a zero carbon energy grid for NYC by 2035. Photo by Ross Pinkerton

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Accurate information about energy is important. To prevent climate change from getting worse, we have to build new infrastructure quickly and for that to happen, people have to agree to it. New technology will not be a factor in the short timeline to achieve the 2030 goal of cutting emissions in half, but fortunately we already have the technology we need to begin. These rules informed us as we developed Energetic, a teaching method matched to the real world. Energetic is now part of classes at Carnegie Mellon, Vanderbilt University, Wofford College, Bronx Science, Hunter College High School, and soon the University of the Virgin Islands, with which we are working on a version for the Caribbean. Energetic has been used in extracurricular events at Yale, Brown, and Barnard, and companies and institutions including Boston Consulting Group, NYSERDA, and the New York Power Authority have bought sets.

With Energetic, we can teach every high school kid in the US, and then around the world, how to fix climate change with accurate, updatable info, scaling from a three hour game to a full semester lesson plan. With project underwriting, we can match each game to the region in which students live.



Resources to grasp the scale of building necessary:






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