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7th Oct 2015, 12:00am-12:00am
Revelry by the River Oktoberfest
Join us for a night celebrating Solar One programs and the Renewables Industry in New York City & Across the Atlantic.
by Angie Koo
22nd Sep 2014, 12:00am-12:00am
The Utility Business Model: Evolution or Revolution?
This panel will examine emerging challenges and opportunities as utilities in NY and around the country evolve to meet the needs of a next-generation power system, develop services that offer their customers more choice, and deliver increased value to their shareholders.
by Gabriela Kappes
10th Jul 2014, 12:00am-12:00am
Clean Energy Connections Energy Entrepreneurship Twitter Chat
This year, Clean EC is highlighting the transformation of the Grid Edge. Before the next live panel on September 24th, they are hosting a "virtual panel" in July to discuss how the rise of distributed generation and energy management is presenting new opportunities to energy entrepreneurs.
by Abigail Carney
Jun 20, 2014
The White Roof Project's Mega Efficiency Party
The White Roof Project, along with Green Drinks NYC and Solar One, hosted a Mega Efficiency Party this past Tuesday evening in an effort to showcase several NYC based organizations' energy efficiency products and tips.
by Trude Chandler
11th Jun 2014, 12:00am-12:00am
Revelry By the River
Revelry By the River is Solar One’s annual Awards Dinner and a celebration of sustainability in New York City. Each year, Revelry honors individuals and companies leading the way in improving New York City’s environmental quality.
by Trude Chandler
14th-16th Aug 2013, 12:00am-12:00am
Green Building Fundamentals and Training at Solar One
Green building fundamentals and training at Solar One covers utilities like heating and electricity, making healthy living spaces, water use, air quality, waste management, and NYC energy auditing and retro-commissioning requirements.
by Matt Sanders
9th Jul 2013, 12:00am-12:00am
Green Series: Urban Gardening Design Challenge
Learn basics of urban gardening and create gardens with recycled and salvaged material
by Somala Diby
20th Jun 2013, 12:00am-12:00am
Solar State of Play: Innovative Models that are Driving the Market Forward
Solar One and NYC ACRE are bringing solar professionals, upstart financiers, and venture capitalists together in a panel discussion about solar energy and its future in NYC. Topics will include financing, business models, and project development of solar panels. The panel will also discuss the growth of solar panels with state-level policies and incentives. More […]
by Teddy Kuo
Jun 18, 2013
9 ways to support good ideas in NYC this summer
Let us count the ways
by Camille Baumann-Jaeger
18th May 2013, 12:00am-12:00am
First Ever Annual Almighty Foot Clan Anniversary B-Boy Battle
32 crews of "breakers" will compete for prize money at this community-oriented, family friendly dance and music event.
by Somala Diby
Dec 11, 2012
A global movement forms to facilitate sharing
Inventive thinkers are developing the means to do 'more' in life, and do it more efficiently. Make more connections, be more productive, get better results, and do it in a framework that can enrich the future for succeeding generations. The key efficient step is sharing and collaboration.
by Richard Reiss
Aug 23, 2012
Manhattan's East Side waterfront gets some kayaks
Two hundred years ago, launching a small boat from the East Side of Manhattan for an afternoon row or paddle would have been ordinary. But in modern times, even as improved water quality has sparked a resurgence of boating around NYC, the East Side of Manhattan has been left out. Intrepid kayakers have been barred […]
by Hallie Miller
Dec 11, 2011
Solar One in the Schools
Solar One and the NYC Department of Education have teamed up on an energy education program for public schools, to both save power and engage students: the Green Design Lab. “The basic premise of the program has kind of a triple bottom line impact,” said Executive Director Chris Collins. “Reduce energy use, reduce CO2 emissions, […]
by Richard Reiss