A fish raised in Brooklyn

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When someone thinks of having fish for dinner, usually they purchase it from their neighborhood fish market or the frozen food section at the supermarket. For some, fish is brought, cooked, and eaten because of the delicious taste it brings to the palette.  For others, like VertiCulture, fish serves a purpose in serving up nutrients.

A non-profit organization located in downtown Brooklyn, VertiCulture is dedicated to the creation of rooftop farms that harvest fresh produce.  Now the organization has added an aquaponics facility, a sustainable production system that raises aquatic life. VertiCulture’s aquaponics facility project started back in February of 2012 with the mission to provide sustainable foods to urban communities.

The organization’s aim is to provide the freshest fish as well as produce to low income neighborhoods in Brooklyn. They have taken steps in distributing fish and produce by partnering with the The Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership, which distributes the goods between their youth market program and food pantry. For the public to observe the organization’s process in harvesting fish and produce, VertiCulture has allowed access through social media outlets, special events, and walk-through tours.

VertiCulture believes that by raising fish and distributing them to neighborhoods, it will provide high quality protein to Brooklyn residents.  The organization also strives to promote sustainable aquaponics not only in Brooklyn, but the rest of New York City as well, by using production facilities that will produce goods and educate residents on how to run aquaponic systems.

To see VertiCulture’s progress and to view upcoming showcases, check out their Facebook page.

Photo: New York writes itself