An art exhibit in Bedford Stuyvesant works to inspire change

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A new exhibit at Skylight Gallery in Brooklyn is showing the work of 27 artists brought together on the theme of sustainability, through a combined project hosted by the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, the Pratt Center for Community Development and Pratt’s Initiative for Arts, Community, and Social Change.

Amplify Action: Sustainability through the Arts demonstrates how arts, culture and media are powerful catalysts for social change, and aims to engage neighborhoods in a dialogue about sustainable living, making healthy consumer choices, and taking environmental action. Works in the exhibit directly and indirectly examine the different components of sustainability such as, but not limited to: ecology, economy, equity, environmental consciousness, resource conservation and efficiency, agriculture, architecture, infrastructure, environmental justice and health.”

More information is at the exhibition website. A catalog of work in the exhibit is online here. The exhibition will be on display at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation’s Skylight Gallery, 1368 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, through July 27th.

(photo: Whitney Boyd)