Brooklyn Bridge Beach now fully funded

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The Brooklyn Bridge Beach project is part of the East River Blueway Plan. The objective of the East River Blueway Plan, a community-based waterfront initiative, is to make the waterfront and waterways more accessible to all New Yorkers. By creating public access to the natural beach under the Brooklyn Bridge, the East River is becoming more accessible to all.

Brooklyn Bridge Beach, designed by WXY, will allow New Yorkers, visitors, and all public to kayak and swim in wading pools of filtered riverwater. The beach will not only increase public access but will also help in terms of the City’s sustainability. How? The beach will include an area of marshland to slow down the water speed and to help filter out pollutants.  It will also include reef balls which aid in the construction of a natural habitat for aquatic life such as fish, crabs, mussels and oysters.

The Brooklyn Bridge Beach already had $3.5 million for the construction but reached its funding goal earlier this month of $7 million with a $3.5 million contribution from the City Council.

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Source: East River Blueway Plan & DNAinfo

Image Source: East River Blueway Plan