A survey on extreme weather for every New York City resident

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We offer a new survey to City Atlas readers to help guide policy-making in New York City. As described by the survey designers:

“Study on: Impacts of extreme weather events on different social groups in New York City –  Please participate in an opportunity to inform policy making in your city.

The following link takes you to an online questionnaire that lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, depending on answers that you give throughout the questionnaire.

Thank you for contributing to our important study ‘Impacts of extreme weather events on different social groups in New York City’ developed by The Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED), Earth Institute, Columbia University.

The importance of this research has never been more evident given recent events with Hurricane Sandy and its impacts on New York and surrounding areas. However, we are not only investigating impacts of storms, but also other extreme weather events such as heat waves.

Extreme weather events impact different socioeconomic groups in different ways. Our project seeks to understand specifically how different income groups experience weather events such as heat waves and strong rainstorms.

We will happily share the results of the survey once it is completed and fully analyzed, which will roughly take until the end of the year. The study analyzes individual experiences and burden of impacts of strong rainstorms and heat waves, compares experiences across the 5 borough area, and suggests most efficient adaptation options in different parts of NYC.

We thank you very much again for your support in this important initiative!
Dr. Diana Reckien.

Prof. David Krantz, Director, Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, Earth Institute, Columbia University.”


Note on the survey from participants at City Atlas: we found on average it took about 15 – 20 minutes to complete, and provided an interesting opportunity for reflection on recent events, their aftermath, and the future in the city.