Past and Future Come Together In Study of Climate Change and Historic Buildings

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With a skyline full of iconic 19th and 20th Century architecture, how does New York both preserve the glories of the past and adapt to a smart, energy-efficient future?

The Municipal Art Society (MAS) and the Landmarks Preservation Committee (LPC) are co-producing a manual, “Greening New York City’s Landmarks: A Guide for Property Owners.”

“In 2008, 75% of New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions resulted from energy used in the construction and operation of buildings. New York City’s old and historic buildings provide a vast opportunity for energy savings that can make a remarkable contribution toward the mitigation of climate change.”

“MAS has selected Cook+Fox and Terrapin Bright Green to develop the guide, which will provide straightforward action steps on how to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the city’s landmark buildings while meeting preservation standards.

The manual should be completed by the fall of 2012, and will be published digitally and available free of cost on the MAS and LPC websites. Read more at the Municipal Art Society.